We have a tree composed of multiple contexts. Some contexts contain groups or users or server objects, and some contexts contain a mix of these. Some are just object containers and some are partitions. I've gone down the tree in Console One and all of the other contexts display their objects normally. But, this certain context, Nurse.Tyler.ETMC, which is one that contains a mix of objects and is a partition, comes up empty when it is selected in Console One.

It was working fine the last time I was in there sometime in the last several days.

I've run DSREPAIR on the server that holds the master of the NURSE partition and the one that holds a read-only copy and the one that holds a subordinate replica and the one that holds the root partition. Some errors were found and repaired.

If I open NetWare Administrator the objects appear as expected.

Any ideas what's happening here?

Console One 1.3.6h
NetWare 6.5 SP7
eDir 8.8 SP2 SMP