guess we're not the only ones,

we've got the situation right now were some, a few, machines do log in
transparently through zen.

Some machines which can login through zen through a 2nd pop-up

and,, a LOT of machines not loggin in even through the pop-up..

Server w2k03, server was running 10.2.2, one could expect/hope/believe
that it really should work BETTER.
Un-install, re-install, un-reg re-reg, etc.. wtf ?.....zen was
supposed to make administration easier, not create MORE work

Tid's at novell..?.. yeah, sure,, look if the msi for casa/token,etc,
is installed successfully......, Off course, we really want to go
around manually checking each d...n machine....

All these beta-issues could be ok with some trialware or freeware, but
Novell, u'r charging people for this SW
and yes,, I've told our contact at novell the same thing )
and yes, we have had SR's opened without ANY benefit whatsoever..

sorry for the ranting,, but does anyone know of a good/sure way to get
standard xp or win7 pc's simply do what they should ?
10.2.2 worked,, make 10.3.1 work to...please