I am plan on migrating our 4-node NetWare 6.5.8 cluster to an OES2SP2
Linux 3-node cluster on new hardware. I have the three nodes that I
plan to intro put into the existing cluster and after everything settles
down remove the old NetWare servers.

I already have the new Linux clusters built and ready to be placed into
the SAN and then put into the cluster. My question is according to the
documentation it states:

- Install OES 2 Linux on the new node, but do not install the Novell
Cluster Services option from OES Services at this time.

- Set up and verify SAN connectivity for the new OES 2 Linux node.

- Install Cluster Services and add the new node to your existing NetWare
6.5 cluster.

I have already installed the cluster services software, but have not
configured it. Will there be an issue if I zone it into the cluster
with the NCS installed but not configured? Or do you think they are
saying install it into the SAN and then configure it? If it is an issue
having the NCS software installed, will I need to reinstall the OS
before I try this or can I actually remove and reinstall the NCS if needed?

Thank you for any input.