Is there anyone out there that has the latest versions of Novell Client 4.91 Post SP5 for XP SP3 and Client 2 SP1 for Win 7 working with 802.1x. Cisco Switch Infrastructure with Cisco ACS 5.1 not using any Cisco Supplicant.
A Cisco Client is not due for at least a year.
Trying to use PEAP and MSCHAPV2.
Novell Client supposed to work with MS Supplicant. (Sands of time hourglass here) after following documentation from Novell Site re client which is a bit dated.
Cisco ACS RADIUS / TACACS configured to talk to MS AD Svr 2008 Domain Controller.
eDir and AD accounts synched via IDM so users have only one id password.
Would like to determine if this can even work before chasing with Support.
Please look at versions I am asking about before responding.
Thanks in advance