We had an old Proxy server with a single processor 500 mhz with one NIC
for Proxy with 4 Cache drives and filter control running Netware 5.1 SP7
and BorderManager 3.5 which ran at a fairly good rate

We installed a new Server 3.2 G Dual processor with Netware 6.5 SP2 and
BorderManager 3.8 and 4 Cache Drives. We used craig Johnson's
BorderManager book and Netware's Border Manager book to build the server.

The Problem is the New server runs Proxy servers very slow. We have used
the TID10018669 date 2 dec 2004 for additional tuning but the new server
runs Proxy Extremely Slow.

Ok waht is diferent between BM 3.5 and NW 6.5??????