We have got GMS 3.0.1 running on Linux and GW 8.0.2.

On my HTC Touch Diamond (Windows Mobile 6.1) I am not able to install Intellisync. I'm sending the Intellisync_setup (Microsoft Smartphone OS-Devices) via SMS. On my mobile device I tried either opening the link directly (default opens with Opera Mobile) or pasting it into Internet Explorer. In Opera is shown a message that the certificate of the server does not fit to the hostname. But certificate and hostname are exactly the same. It is a self-issued certificate by the way. I click on the accept button and select "Windows Mobile Smartpone" from the list. Then I select install on device. Installation starts... In the middle of "downloading package ..." I get: "Install Error: Connection problem. Please try again later, or contact your system administrator." After confirming with OK the installation window closes. I reboot the mobile device and there is the Intellisync Install window where I can enter server and credentials. After entering the servername and credentials I get the message: "A secure connection could not be established. Check your connection settings, or contact your system administrator" --> Ok --> "Authentication failed. Please try again." --> OK.

If I enter the same servername with https and same credentials over Opera or Internet Explorer I can access the GMS without any problems.

Have you got any ideas?

Thank you in advance for your help