I've followed Jared Jenning's article on how to get ZCM to incorporate edir attributes into the INventory

A few things missing from the article:

a) Your Bundle that sets the variables has to use ${variable} which is diff. than ZFD where you would use %variable%. So if you have something that says: write registry key BLAH with %OU% or %L%, you need to change those to use: ${OU} and ${L}.

b) Even though Jared mentions that you UNCHECK the "invisible mode" for autofill only, I have yet to get the data collector to actually work/run UNLESS I actually go into the inventory and check the box for "launch data collector". Unfortunately doing that actually pops up the big data collector box and the user has to click Submit.

Even though I have the data form schedule set to "user login" it just does not seem to import the data UNLESS I also go into the Inventory options and check the box for say: Scan Now, First Scan, Recurring scan to "Launch Data Collector"

Is that working as designed? In ZAM I know it was possible to have the data collector run and not show up on the pc, but it doesn't seem to be working this way for ZCM.

I've installed/registered 3 new machines and after a weeks time NONE of them have the "site" or "department" fields that I put into the data collector until I check the stupid box to launch the collector form and at that time it pops up the window. Which isn't what I want.