I posted this issue a couple of weeks ago, but the thread trailed off with
no real answer. Given how fast topics scroll off into history on this
forum, I thought I would post it again.

I am trying to duplicate the functionality I have with ZfD 7 and ZAM 7.5
with ZCM 10.3. In ZfD 7 I have a NAL app that runs everytime a user logs
and records user attributes from eDirectory in the Windows registry.
Basically, in the Distribution Option -> Registry section it writes values
like "Email = %Internet_EMail_Address%" and "Department = %OU%" where the
parameters like %OU% refer to eDirectory attributes of the user.

When I try to do the same thing with a ZCM bundle (simple application), the
data that gets written to the registry are the literal values like %OU%
rather than the values of the eDirectory attribute.

I may be confused about where to place this entry -- should it be an
"Install" action or a "Launch" action or both? Do I need an "Install"
action? Do I need a "Distribute" action?

Or maybe the syntax is wrong -- are the values %<attribute name>% or some
other format?

The whole purpose of this is to allow the Collection Data form to read
information into the inventory for the workstations.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.