Hello All:
Our security folks are driven by security audit reports.
Thus 802.1x has been thrust upon us.
The network folks are now driving that bus.
Switch Infrastructure is Cisco
Cisco ACS 5.1 is being used as RADIUS backend.
NO plans to deploy FreeRadius

Not here to debate the use of 802.1x just to determine what it takes to
make it work with the Novell Clients.

Rather than spend hours and days troubleshooting something that does not
work we are trying to determine if it is supposed to work.
Does it work with any RADIUS Backend ?
So if some kind sould out there knows the answer please wade in

Win XP SP3 plus all MS Public Domain post SP3 patches
Novell Client 4.91 SP5 plus post SP5 patches of which NOVEAP patch from
Feb 2010 may not be applied.

We have both AD(Svr 2008) and eDir 8.8.5
user ids are synched via IDM i.e AD & eDir user credentials are synched
ZDM 7 used to manage desktops (will move to ZCM 10/11 shortly)

No Win 7 yet but only a matter of time.

Documentation from Novell web site re Client and 802.1x is dated.
Things work quite well w/o Novell Client