I am having trouble imaging all of the sudden. I have all the exact pc's that I have had for several years. I created two images and pushed them out just fine high school and elementary school. The last image I created (middle school) and pushed it out to the pc's. The image appears to complete successfully but then after completion and I reboot it gets to the windows xp load and then completely powers off and reboots, it did this with every machine I tried to put it on. So I tried to upload the image again and I pushed it out, I got the same result. Exact pc's makes, models and parts. So I pushed out my last years image to the same pc's that failed and that one works. the first two images I created one for our elementary school and the other for the high school all work. These worked fine. I can also successfully give a middle school machine a high school and elementary school image just fine. So I have elliminated any networking issues. So I tried creating the image from a different machine in the middle school, got it all ready and pushed it up to the zen server just fine tried to image it back down to a couple other machines and I get the same result it completes and then begin to reboot and then bang to reboots itself continuosly.