I have a little problem. I can't login to ZCC with the local administrator user or as a LDAP user. Attempting a login with the local administrator user results in an "incorrect user name or password". Attempting to login using an LDAP authentication source (eDir) resultes in a "An error occurred while connecting to the user source. Please make sure the user source is accessible and try again." I'm also getting a couple of emails a minute - example:

Device Alias: zcm
Device IP Address:
Error: [8/21/10 9:38:03 AM] Assignment Web Service AssignmentService.GENERAL_EXCEPTION The assignment web service encountered the following exception while handling "getEffectiveAssignments" request for 8eaf34cb00d387233b93a05e2dda38c6~0067f133217bdf11b c93001185e8063e: null

Any suggestions on troubleshooting this? Logs to check?