Current configuration: OES2 SP2, iFolder Server with Active Directory integration (with "Account lockout policy" enabled), client side Windows XP SP3.

After the upgrading the clients from version to or iFolder client locks the account in Active directory. It happens after the changing of the password in Active Directory.
iFolder client is configured to “Remember password” and “Automatically connect “.
It does not matter how the password was changed “by AD policy” or manually.
Disconnect and connect from iFolder Server , restart of the user’s computer results the same effect and the same error message “The user account has been locked. Please contact your network administrator for assistance”.
The “/var/simias/data/simias/log/Simias.log” contains the following information:
12:36:50,438 [-1395655776] DEBUG Simias.ADLdapProvider.User - VerifyPassword for: user
12:36:50,510 [-1395655776] INFO Simias.Identity.Authentication - InvalidCredentials : user
12:36:50,668 [-1421845600] DEBUG Simias.ADLdapProvider.User - VerifyPassword for: user
12:36:50,744 [-1421845600] INFO Simias.Identity.Authentication - InvalidCredentials : user
12:36:53,863 [-1388323936] DEBUG Simias.ADLdapProvider.User - VerifyPassword for: user
12:36:53,951 [-1388323936] INFO Simias.Identity.Authentication - InvalidCredentials : user
12:36:53,998 [-1421845600] DEBUG Simias.ADLdapProvider.User - VerifyPassword for: user
12:36:54,173 [-1421845600] INFO Simias.Identity.Authentication - AccountLockout : user

But, iFolder client behaves correctly in this situation. User receives the message “The username or password is invalid. Please verify the information entered and try again”, then user receives the window for the replacing of the old password.

I understand that this bug has to be fixed in the next iFolder client releases.

The question is, may be somebody knows, how I can cause to iFolder client to popup the password remember window from command line. Or remove the “Remember password on this computer” flag, I did not find it in registry and configuration files and afraid that this setting is saved in the simias database. Or any other idea how I can prevent the locking of user in this situation (removing "Account lockout policy" is not acceptable).

Best Regards