I just migrated one of our Netware 6.5 servers from our physical box to a virtual box using the SCMT, and now DHCP Services appear to be broken for one of my subnets.

my DHCP Debug screen keeps showing me flowing lines like this:

2010/08/23 11:09:46 <DHCPINFORM> packet received from client <0:F:FE:3D:EE:B3>, IP Address <>.
2010/08/23 11:09:46 Sending BOOTP/DHCP reply <DHCPACK> to <0:F:FE:3D:EE:B3> as <>.
Get type:2, IPAddr:, LeaseTime:0, MacIndx:47877, pIP:A140B0C0
AMAGet() exit err:0, subnet:, addr:

but in my DHCP Management Console, that IP address does not show up as leased. None of the workstations on the VLAN that pull from this subnet are getting IP addresses at all, it is quite frustrating. Any ideas?