Just built new images and used the latest agent from May 24,
2010/ZDM7SP1IR4HP4 (Agent v7.0.173.100324) - it appears that this new
agent is not respecting a specified Restore Mask. I'm basing this on the
observation that freshly imaged machines are retaining the previous
computer name as stored in the image-safe data - I use my own routine
for naming that runs during mini-setup, which is why I have a restore
mask in place.

I've confirmed that the proper restore mask is set both in the ziswin
gui and in the registry (HKLM\Novell\ZENworks\ZISWin Do Not Restore
Mask, REG_DWORD). Setting the ziswin mode to "Disable" resolves the
behaviour and naming conforms to my routine. I tested on another machine
and with the Agent in "Restore" mode the history reports the status as
"Successful...restore mask was 0x00000020". This mask is incorrect and
specifies only the "Windows SID" as the data not to restore.

I'll forward this to Novell...curious if anyone else has seen this