I have a peculiar situation, I just formatted a machine that had win98 on
it and installed winXP Pro. Prior Client Trust ran from the startup
group and life was good at least where Internet access was concerned.
However now that I have XP installed the user complains that she can't
access the Internet which is strange because I did when I set the machine
up as I installed all the MS service packs and security updates. But
sure enough when I visit her machine I can't browse either. There are
only two local accounts on this machine, Administrator and her's. Her
local account is a member of the local Administrators group. The crux is
this: I get success when using the Novell Admin/her local account
combination but Internet access fails when I use her Novell/her local
account combination. I've read that there are known issues with Client
Trust and certain Symantec products however there are no Symantec
products installed on this machine. Nothing has changed on either Novell
account since the windows upgrade, does anyone have any ideas? I tried
disabling the local firewall but that had no effect. Thanks in advance.