Hi All,

I am running BM3.6 Sp 2a on Newtare 5.1 SP7. Cache is on a seperate
traditional volume.

Caching or opening through the proxy of http://www.ggdzhn.nl works a bit
funny. If you lookup the host, you'll see it corresponds to IP-address But, a lot of other ggd sites (regional healthcare
services in The Netherlands) are als on that IP address, e.g.
http://www.ggdzzl.nl, http://www.ggdwestbrabant.nl). When the proxy is
used, it seemingly randomly caches one of those sites and serves it.
When the proxy is bypassed (site is not cached in BM) the correct site
is loaded everytime. /me is stumped. Any ideas how to improve this?

Jeroen van der Linden.