I updated my machine to Windows 7 finally and I've seen this on both my
machine and the only other win 7 machines here. Whole folders of files
get locked just by visiting the folder. I viewed properties of a file
yesterday and that locked it. I was unable to delete it after that. I
had to clear my connection from the server to do it. I attempted to
copy newer versions of 2 files over the top of 2 existing network files,
and it would fail because it locked the files. I ultimately had to do
this from XP to make it work.

Also, when you clear the connection, it's impossible to reconnect to
that server/drives by executing the login from the tray icon as you did
with XP. I have to either log out completely or in some cases reboot.

This is with the latest IR3 client. NW 6.5 SP8 with I believe all post
SP8 patches. Client file caching enabled=off and level 2 oplocks
enabled=off on the server.

I was testing out Treesize pro as an eval under win 7 and when
navigating folders, it would give me errors about invalid handles
eventually, and I could no longer access those folders. Flipping over
to XP in a vm, I could access the folders just fine.

Not real impressed so far.