Good afternoon!

Trying to phase out a BMgr38 box and bring on a new BMgr39 on NW65.

Got through the install in spite of some issues with eDirectory version numbers (argh), but when I try to do BorderManager Setup from w/in nwadmin, I get "No BorderManager license available." TIDs seem to reference comm issues that are not relevant--all servers in this tree are on the same wire (same switch, in fact), or else reference license installation issues or procedures. However, the BMgr390 license object in ConsoleOne is appropriately applied to the correct (new) server, and when I try to install licenses via iManager, I get "the certificate is already installed."

In other words, the new server has BMgr39 installed, has the licenses for BMgr390 installed, has the nlms loaded and working at the console, shows unlimited licenses available. The only time there is a question about the license is when I try to set up BorderManager, at which point a license is unavailable.

Would really, truly appreciate any insight on this.