Hey guys,
I know all about the error in 10.3 with the 4 hour refresh time etc, but I am currently having a problem with the 10.3.1 client on Windows 7 (32bit). We are just about to rollout Windows 7 to about 2500 workstations, we've done most of our testing on 10.3 and everything was working fine, but since we have upgraded to 10.3.1, it now takes about 45mins for applications that are assigned to users via edirectory groups, to appear on the users desktop.

If I assign the user the application directly in ZCM it appears as soon as they refresh their workstation.

Also this issue doesn't seem to appear on our XP machines, just windows7 (I do need to do more testing on that front though, only tried it on one XP PC)

The weird thing is, the ZCC web front end picks up that the user has inherited an app from an eDirectory group after about 5 mins, but no matter how many zac ref's you do, the workstation won't get that app for a good 45mins (doesn't appear in the agent properties>Bundles either until then).

Its not end of the world stuff, but it is annoying, and it has only started happening for us after the 10.3 update.

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue.


ps. not a fan of the new forum layout...