We are running NetWare 6 SP8 with GroupWise Version 8.0.1

We added an additional NIC Intel Pro / 1000E on the Dell 2950 and moved the IP to the add'l card (we've been having ABENDs and it was thought to be related to the onboard Broadcoms with the existing drivers).

Anyway, SSL IMAP traffic stopped working on Monday morning between 10am and 6pm and we got a soft ABEND Monday evening at 6pm related to GWENN5. Our IMAP users are unable to get email and calendar sync'd (our NotifyLink provider turned off SSL and these users are getting sync'd again). Our new Mobility Solution users are getting their email sync'd. It's those who have setup iPhones and Outlook, and who are on the old GWMobile solution who are not getting IMAP and are receiving SSL errors.

Anyone know where to start?