We have a scenario below, where I would like to manually call the ZCM login. This is normally done by right click the ZCM Z icon in taskbar and choosing Login. I saw there was another older thread asking how to call ZCM manually and it seemed a year ago this was not possible.

Users offsite login to Novell client - workstation only.
They are not connected yet via a VPN connection, so I use the registry change:
"HonorClient32WorkstationOnlyCheckbox"=dword:0 0000 001
to disable the initial ZCM login, so the user doesn't have to press Cancel at the ZCM login screen.

Once the users is into their desktop, they connect to our network using a Sonicwall SSL-VPN client. I would like to then manually call the ZCM login screen, so the user can login to ZCM. I checked the Novell user forums and it looks like this is not possible? I don't want the users to know to have to right click the ZCM Z icon in taskbar and choose Login. I want the ZCM login put up right onto their screen after the Sonicwall VPN connection is made, a more in their face approach. Overall this seems like a step back, that users offsite need to login to ZCM, Zen 7 did it automatically, but I am trying to work around it.