Hi All,

Not sure if anyone has seen this, but I am running GW8 on Linux with multiple domains but only 2 PO's. Other domains are for WA, and GWIA. So our MTA on one of Domains shutdown and every time we would start it, it would start then eventually shutdown within a minute or two. So I went looking through the MTA Queues and found a 102MB file in one of the queues. I moved this file out and it started up no problem.

This is fairly new since we split our PO's, before people could and would send these large email but because it never left the PO it never showed up. So the question is, is there a limit on the size of email that can be transferred from MTA to MTA? The link config gives the idea that it is a couple of GB. So not sure if this 100MB file was just corrupt or the size itself killed the MTA.

Any help would be appreciated.