Wouldn't I love to have them. :P

Anyway. I have Netgear switches and here's why.

To get me the HP switches setup the way I would like them it would cost
a little over $15,000. Now that affords me a lot of future growth and
options that would probably justify the price.

To get the same setup with Netgear it would cost me around $6,500. While
future growth is pretty much out of the question with the Netgear
switches and setup will probably be a bigger pain in the buttocks area.

The problem I have is getting them to give me the money. Saying I'm
pushing the limit with what I'm asking for already is an understatement,
but asking for an additional $8,500 to upgrade the switches is gonna
sink like a boat without a bottom.

However, it would be great to have HP ProCurve or Cisco switches. Who
knows. In a few years maybe I can upgrade again.