1.How can I configure the mail proxy to give internal users access to an
external e-mail server. I have configured a BM3.8 server with HTTP an FTP
proxy. The internal adresses are with 192.168. and the mail server is with
a real domain name and IP. What servers to give in Outlook Express as
incoming and outgoing?

2. How can I give users access to https pages on Internet? They use 8080
proxy, and now they can access only http pages.

3. If I don't use PROXY services, and I will use NAT is there any
posibillity to make user access rules ? For example, I want user Jim, Jane
to access only mail services (port 25 and 110) and the rest of users to
have full acess to Internet (and if CLNTRUST works). I want to make also
an accounting of Internet traffic on a per-user basis. It worked on Linux
on an IP-bases with IPTABLES, but I'm wondering if Novell BM can help.

Thanks a lot
Adrian Militaru