Running into the issue now of right after installing DSFW (on
SLES10sp3) and having a pc join the domain, domain users are getting a
password error.

Your password expires today. Do you want to change it now?

This is on a machine w/o the novell client. If I have the novell
client on a machine, I get the error:

Your windows password will expire in 4294967266 day(s). You do not
have rights to change your password. Contact your System Administrator.

This started happening when I tried installing DSFW from OES2SP2a.
When I installed from OES2SP2, I would get different results. Then I
would get notified my windows password expires today, but I cannot
change it, if I had the novell client on a machine. W/o the novell
client, the machine would log right in.

However, before that, when I did the OES2SP2 install, I got *no* errors
on the client either w/ the novell client or w/o it.

The install goes fine, the provisioning wizard goes through w/o a
hitch, plus the validation steps work fine.

What gives w/ these client errors? Oh, errors only show up for domain
users, the domain admin account *seems* fine.

Am I really going to have to edit *each* user account w/in the AD side
of things & set their password to never expire or something like that?