1, I have a server (netware 6.5 sp8), because do not use it at night, so I would like to make it automatically shutdown after 11 pm , and then to 6 am the next day it automatically boot, how to achieve it?

2, I want to use the A to backup the B data , when B fails, let A replacement work immediately, use the TaskMaster? How to configure it? can Detailed description for it?
server A: netware 5.1 sp8
server B: netware 6.5 sp8

3, I used server A the License is novell + netware 5 conn scl; Unlimited users. I would like server B (Novell + NetWare6 user +650) is 100 Users, how to upgrade to Unlimited users, because I have about 200 users

thank you very much.