This is to let you know that we are changing the default
logic in getting contact notes starting in 8.0.3 and
going forward.

The concept of notes on contacts was introduced in 8.0.0.
There were a significant performance problems in always
getting the notes on contacts. In 8.0.1, we added the
ability to put "noContactNotes" in the view when getting
address book entries. In that case, the notes would not
be returned.

In 8.0.3, we are changing the default to not return contact
notes. If you want contact notes returned, you have to
explicitly ask for them. You need to put in "contactNotes"
in the view.

As a note, if you put in "noContactNotes" in the view, it
will not cause a problem in 8.0.3. So, if you already have
"noContactNotes" in you code, you would not need to change
your could when you connect to an 8.0.3 POA.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns.