Unfortunately or luckily our datasync server is positioned in the internal
network. The main reason is the archiving solution for groupwise mail which
uses a special connector on the datasync server to capture all email for
specific mailboxes. So the entire mailflow can remain in our internal
network and is not transferd out in the DMZ.
But for few devices (like iPhone, iPad or smartphones with Android) with active
sync protocol I want to sync the groupwise email, appointment and contacts
to that devices.
My problem, however is that the mobile devices want to use a secure connection on port 443 to get over 2 Bordermanager 3.9 SP2 servers.
I did́ t find any examples on filters and rules in the documentation to
do this.
My idea is to use a nated public ip adress on the outer BM-server and
acceleration on the inner BM-server.
Maybe I am wrong and there are or is a better solutions.
It would be great, if there is anyone who can help me with this problem

Best regards