Virtual NW 6.5.8/BM 3.8.5 on VMware 4.1. The only TID I found was for
setting up BM on VMware 2.5.

1. In the VM Configuration tab, the VM Network shows vmnic0, which is
used to access the VM machine through vSphere, and vmnic1, which is
Down. Both adapters are in or associated with vSwitch0.

In the BM virtual machine, I added the second adapter, but I'm not sure
if that is correct or whether two additional virtual adapters need to be

2. When installing BM, I created two cache volumes. However, they are
listed in iManager as one traditional partition. Is this a problem?
Even if not, the free space is not considered a pool (the only pool
listed is SYS), but rather as two free space partitions, which I cannot
seem to be able to use for two volumes I want to create.

Any help with either issue will be greatly appreciated.