i sincerely hope someone else has run into this one, we are completely baffled. we are running a netware 6.5 environment. we also have a number of windows servers. one windows server, a 2008R2 flavor, is used as a terminal server that has a 64bit os. we installed the 64 bit netware client for connectivity to the netware backbone.

users log in to the terminal server via remote desktop with their interactive credentials. once at the desktop, user can then log in to the novell side using the novell 64 bit client.

what we are seeing is, users, who do not normally have access to the whole server, can now access files and folders they do not have rights to! an example: a user has NO access to the groupwise or sys volume of their home netware server. when they log in to novell from their normal workstation, they only see what the have rights to. this same user, when logged in through the terminal server and the 64 bit client, can now see and access ALL volumes on the netware server AND has full rights to those volumes.

this is, to say the least, a serious security problem, as well as a potential disaster if someone goes putzing around in the sys or groupwise volumes and starts deleting willy nilly.

we have a ticket open with microsoft, and of course they instantly said it was a novell problem. i really don't give a rats behind whose problem it is, i really need this resolved. any help would be greatly appreciated.