Hi Gentlemen,

I have an oes2 system which is running GW7 MTA and PO both. Now I tried to upgrade them to GW8. I did extended the eDirectory and used the GW8 installation CD to upgrade the system. I have set the software distribution folder and copied the files, selected "upgrading the existing system" and pointed the domain database folder. After that now when I started the MTA daemon, the MTA database is indeed upgraded to version 8 ( seeing from the C1). But PO database is still showing Version 7. What should I do to upgrade the PO on the same machine then? I have read through the GW8 admin/installation guide and searched the Internet. They are all saying to run the install program to upgrade it. But my question is when I upgraded the MTA, it copied and upgraded the novell-groupwise-agents package already. Do I still have to re-run the installation CD for PO upgrading? Will there be any problem? Or did I miss something here?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.