I am finding that the battery life is significantly decreased while using push mode to the point of not making it through the entire day.

No sync: end of day battery life around 80% left after 12-14 hours
Data Sync in push mode: phone has low battery warning 8-10 hours later
NotifyLink in push mode, same data and folders selected: Battery at 50% 10 - 12 hours later.

Obviously the data content varies from day to day, but this is reproducible switching between the two competing products. Started with Notifylink, switched to DS, and now back to Notifylink.

If I set the phone to pull mode and 30 min I can make it through the day fine.

Otherwise everything works perfectly, the only bug I run into is when an item happens to sync and then a rule moves it out of the inbox.


IOS 4.0.2
GW 8.0.2
DS Build 90.