After updating to the 7sp1ir4hp4 imaging files released in June 2010, we can no longer image our HP 2510p laptops using PXE.

If I boot off of the bootCD that comes with that same imaging update, everything works fine, but when we PXE boot it gets all the way to sending DHCP to eth0 command and then says it couldn't load. I have tried going back into our cmd files and adding the newid="0x8086 0x1049,e1000e" parameter, but it doesn't seem to help.

If I roll our ZenWorks Preboot servers back to the 7sp1ir4hp2 imaging files from March everything works fine.

Normally when we have this issue with new hardware before Novell releases an imaging update, the newid parameter fixes the issue. This is the first time that an update has caused an older model laptop to stop working for us. I assumed that the same newid fix would work here to but it doesn't seem to. Any ideas?