I have a strange problem where the users sometimes are presented with
the ZCM login screen, after the AD/Novell login screen.
It happens on both XP and Vista installations. But I can find no
traces of the problem in any logs. It's like it doesn't pass the login
credentials at all.
The problem is random, and can hit a user once or twice in a month.
But with a large amount of users, this problems gets noticed in the IT
I have a feeling that it was introduced with 10.3, or that 10.3
agrrevated the problem. But it's notoriously difficult to troubleshoot
when the problem is random.

I can't be a client problem, then it would have been a consistent
problem. It must be something on the back-end.

I would like to know if anyone else have this problem - some just find
it annoying, and leave it alone, so I would like to know if anyone
else sees this?