After microsoft desided to make a totaly mess out of evrything with syspreping and windows 7 iam soooooo stuck
if i use MDT and AIK i can make my self a bootable wim file and pull image fra server via fileshare BUT that i dont want
i want to use Novell Zenworks 10.3.1 to push my image with ( just like i do with windows xp)

What i have so far is

Created a usable litetouch.wim (iso) file via MDT
Created a .xml file via MDT and AIK to use to push image to client computers.

Thats it and that suc...

This here is what i want.

Use the MDT to create Wim and image files for windows 7
Use NOVELL zenworks to push the image file to windows 7 clents.

How do i do that where can i find some sort of guide for it ?

Help please