My company uses the "Run only allowed Windows Applications" feature from Group Policy to lock down what can be run on our workstations. We have 2 main policies, a standard (lockdown) policy and an admin (open) policy.

Ever since a 7.0.2 GroupWise client/server upgrade, under my lockdown policy some of my users have complained that when they click the attachment button in GroupWise it no longer goes to the location of the last attached document, instead it goes to a default location. It might be the D drive, the GroupWise directory, it changes from computer to computer. I have confirmed that this is the behavior of the lockdown policy, and when I switch to the open policy the attachment button goes to the previous attachment location as is expected.

I've placed addrbook.exe, grpwise.exe, gwmailto.exe, gwreload.exe, gwsync.exe and notify.exe in my allowed list for executables and can't figure out what I might be missing. In the past I ahve found OCX and DLL files that have had to be specifically added to the policies as well to get certain functions to work, is it possible that this may be the case in my situation or could it be a completely different policy that I should be looking at?

I'm getting ready to push the 8.0.2 clients to my users and this is something that I'd like to try to resolve before I do that push. Thanks!