I'm having a wee issue getting a new public IP Address range added to

Basically I have a WAN IP and the Gateway to
our ISP

Then I have a public /28 block, and have assigned the public interface
one of the IP Addresses ...

So the IP is assigned to BorderManagers public IP Address wit
the default gateway going to

If I want any internet access, then I need to set NAT to either
dynamic or dynamic / static.

Now I can't seem to get access to the /28 block. If I add one of the
IP Addresses to as a NAT back to my private network, external
services don't connect.
If I set the NAT address on so that it has one of my /28 IP
Addresses has both a public and private NAT of I can ping the
IP Address however I still can't access any services within my network.

Anyone provide some guideance or hints?