Apologies for another clntrust question. I've ploughed through the others
here but they don't seem to quite fit the bill I think. We have two 5.1
servers, one is our main files server, one running BM3.6EE. Most of our
clients are Win98 running client 3.31 or 3.32. We have been happily using
clntrust 1.4 for the last couple of years with no problems. The BM server
has a R/W replica of the full tree. Today I patched both servers to 5.1sp7
(the BM server had been at sp3) and the BM server from BM36sp1a/BMC02 to
BM36sp2a (OK, it's only taken me a couple of years to do it but lets leave
that aside for the moment). When testing the internet connection today I
was finding it would work fine for a bit and then suddenly I'd get the
dreaded 403. When I checked clntrust it would have something like
successes 2 and failures incrementing rapidly up through the 10,000s. A
refresh might fix it but then it would lose it again later. We run
dwntrust and clntrust from login scripts, the actual files reside in the
public folder on the main file server. I was testing from a Win98 machine
with client 3.32pt2, which had been working find until I patched the

Since the only changes made were sp7 and BM36sp2a could someone suggest
what may have broken a previously working system. Should I remove BM36sp2a
or is there a better approach?

Many thanks