I couldn't get my update from 10.3.0 to 10.3.1 to kick in, despite closely following official instructions and this server being an almost brand new install. I then followed the instructions in post #5 in this thread: http://forums.novell.com/novell-prod...ng-10-3-a.html, but using the guid for the 10.3.1 patch instead.

Using the instructions in that thread, the patch eventually did install on the server, but the command for generating new deployment packages still gives me 10.3.0 packages. I then went back to the System Updates page in ZCC and it shows the 10.3.1 as "Downloading". I've tried every option/combination possible in the ZCC to flush & restart it, and it always comes back as "Downloading", and doesn't change even after leaving it there for 24 hours.

I then tried using the command line to delete/cancel/restart the update, but no luck there either. Finally I tried downloading another update (the August PRU) and it's staying stuck on "Downloading" as well. Deleting them and checking for new updates just makes them pop back up as "Downloading".

Basically, it seems my System Update downloads are now stuck. I've looked on the server and found a few files/folders related to this (such as updates-completed and updates-inprocess), so I delicately tried to rename those, but still no luck so I've restored their original names for the time being.

Any idea on what else to try to completely "reset" my System Updates? I've gone through every command in the command line guide and I'm out of ideas. Ultimately my main goal would be to successfully rebuild the new ZAA packages, though fixing the SU page problem in the ZCC would be important as well.