I just completed updating our GroupWise 8 system to SP2. A couple
of things seem different--although my memory may be playing tricks
on me. . .

First: I'm seeing multiple instances of GWENN5.NLM running on the
same server . . . [I only remember one instance running before.]

On our Primary Domain/Post Office server (with GWIA), I'm seeing:

GWENN5.NLM . . . (Address Space = OS)
GWENN5.NLM . . . (Address Space = GSDCA.xxxxPO)
GWENN5.NLM . . . (Address Space = GSDCAW.xxxxPO1)

. . . we only have One Post Office on this server (actually only one
on the network), but I'm also confused about the PO and PO1.

Our Secondary Domain with GWIA and WebAccess:

GWENN5.NLM . . . (Address Space = OS)
GWENN5.NLM . . . (Address Space = GWDVAW.1)
GWENN5.NLM . . . (Address Space = GWDVAW.3)
GWENN5.NLM . . . (Address Space = GWDVAW.2)
GWENN5.NLM . . . (Address Space = GWDVAW.5)
GWENN5.NLM . . . (Address Space = GWDVAW.4)

Second: I thought I remember some kind of issue with the
OFVIEWS not updating on the server. I checked the PO\OFVIEWS\win
location and the latest dates are for 9/20/2009 for a lot of "en*" files.
The OFVIEW\win files under the new Client are all 7/7/2010.

Should I be copying these over to the server? Is it better if they're
left within the Client (but not updated on the server) until all our
Clients are on the same platform? What's the best practice for

Many thanks,

Steve Conrad