We recently upgraded our netwrok moving from BM 3.7 & GW 6 to NetWare
6.5, Border Manager 3.8 & GroupWise 6.5. Other than a few hickups since
the databases on the old GroupWise Server were corrupt, everything went
rather smoothly. The problem we are having now involves receiving mail.

BorderManager and the GWIA are on the same box (a configuration which has
worked for the last two upgrades). The GWIA is able to send mail,
however it is verry sloow. We can not receive any mail. I have
installed SP2 for BM3.8 and have installed the field patch. TCP is at
the latest versions from the Novell minimum patch list.

The proxy is working and filtering. We use the linkwall, addwall
products which are currently working.

Filters and access rules have been applied as listed in the TIDS I could

Any sugestions appreciated! I know it must be something I missed but I
am at a loss as to where to find it.

Thanks in advance for any help.