-- disclaimer: I posted this in
'novell.support.bordermanager.access-rules' yesterday, but didn't get
even a nibble so I'm asking the question here --

This is one of those "it came from nowhere, nothing has changed" errors
that we all hate.

We are trying to establish an FTP session within the confines of our
intranet - no firewalls or WAN routers are being crossed.

It worked Friday morning, as it has for the past two years. The server
was rebooted over the weekend as part of regularly scheduled maintenance
(i.e., it has been rebooted before without any problems - many times).
No ACL changes were made. It didn't work Monday morning.

- - - - - - - -
ftp proxy_radius.xxxx.xxx
Connected to proxy_radius.xxxx.xxx.
220 Service Ready
User (proxy_radius.xxxx.xxx:(none)): ftp400.xx.xxx.xxxx
530 Access Denied by Novell Border Manager:Access Control failure
Connection closed by remote host.
- - - - - - - -

To me, this means that the ftp service has started, but an ACL somewhere
has gotten sideways. I've tried to establish an FTP session with the
admin account and get the same error message.

Server is 5.1sp6
eDirectory is 8.7.3
Proxy is 3.70v (Novell Internet Proxy Server NLM PXY34_31AUG2002)

Again, nothing has changed other than a reboot which happens every few
weeks as a normal routine.

The network health is good; DSRepairs were run this weekend with just a
couple of errors showing on some of the servers. Until our tape backup
server blew a gasket today, there were no communications errors anywhere
on the tree; timesync and synchronization status were both clean.
Update: The tape backup server is back up today. timesync, sync status,
and external reference checks are all good.

After digging for TIDs, I can also tell you the following:

nwftpd is reporting:
FTP Server : Failed to bind to (IP Address::Port Number)
which is of course a very helpful error message. The address and port
are correct.

sys:/etc/ftpserv.cfg is vanilla, except for specifying the host ip
address (of course) and the max number of sessions (5). Everything else
is commented out.

Thanks for any help that anyone can provide. Or any good jokes.

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