We're having an intermittent issue with Application Launcher crashing on some machines running ZEN Agents v7.0.173.90519 (Application Launcher v7.0.1.4 if we right-click App Explorer in the sys-tray and go to Properties...), the consequence being delivered apps do not show on the desktop. The server in this case is running ZEN v6.5.250919 (using "zenver" at the console).

The first clue the issue is going to occur is our remote session to the machine is killed (error 1853). We can wait a minute, remote in again and then open NALDiag.exe and it says "Disconnected" for Application Launcher Component status and "Not Connected" for Workstation Helper. If we restart the Workstation Manager service, NALDiag says "Connected" for Workstation Helper but refreshing Application Explorer does not give us apps. I'm not sure if it's the service I want, but if I bounce the Novell Application Launcher service NALDiag still says "Disconnected"

If we reboot the machine and login again it may or may not work properly, but there are machines (same model, same image) that seem to do it more often than others.

We have all ZEN logs enabled (the ones that go to \Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\DebugLogs), but so far haven't been able to make much sense of them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...