have a user that needs access to an exchange webmail server, and we get the
old "504 gateway timeout" message whenever we attempt it. that seems to
make sense to me, because the link we're trying to access is
"xx.xx.xx.xx:209/exchange/logon.asp". port 209 should be blocked by the
firewall...yes? and the proxy only uses 80 and 443?

but the user says that it used to work...before we recently upgraded from
bm3.5 to 3.8.

I suspect something to do w/ Craig's magic proxy.cfg file, which I did have
set up on the old server, but haven't yet done on the new one. So I will
try that, and do a "load proxy-cc", and see if that fixes it. but for
academic purposes...how is it that browsers can get out through the proxy
using something other than 80/443?