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Some of the differences in functionality between ZEN 7 apps and ZCM 10 Bundles have caused me some frustration ever since ZCM 10.0 was released.

One thing I really liked about ZEN 7 Apps was that as soon as I incremented the version number of an App and/or added/removed the app association to/from a user or workstation, if I were to refresh NAL the changes would immediately take effect.

With ZCM 10, it does not seem that way. For instance, I have a Bundle which I have been tweaking. It is associated directly to my device. Whenever I make a tweak to the Bundle I increment the version number, and refresh my device (in command prompt, I run "zac ref"). I sometimes logout of the ZCM agent, refresh, login, refresh.

Friday, my device failed to see the newer version of the Bundle, no matter how many times I refreshed the device. I have had some luck here and there with unassociating the bundle, refreshing, reassociating the bundle, refreshing. Frustrated, I deleted the association altogether Friday afternoon, and then went home for the weekend - my computer was on the whole weekend.

This morning I came in and ZCM agent still sees the bundle association to the device.

I have now deleted the entire bundle and refreshed my device, my ZCM agent still reports the association. Forget the fact that the ZCM bundle listed is still one version behind what the final version had been.

Am I missing something? Is there some kind of way to tell ZCM to completely refresh the cache instead of doing whatever "intelligent" thing it is doing now? Because it does not appear to be working properly.

Could there be some kind of a firewall rule that would be causing this?

Thanks for any ideas - this is driving me crazy!