We have BorderManager 3.7 installed on a Netware 6.0 server with the
filters disabled. We have a Cisco PIX in place for our firewall with
BorderManager behind it, being used as our proxy server. Clients access
the Internet through the proxy server, port 8080, and the PIX is
configured to allow the BorderManager server out.

Microsoft hosts some Webcasts. We can view the webcast but can't get any
audio for them. The audio help doc says that it just uses port 80. If I
open port 80 on the PIX to a static IP address of a workstation and
effectivly by-pass the proxy server, I get the audio. That makes it appear
as though the BorderManager proxy is blocking this traffic. With
BorderManager's filters disabled shouldn't it be letting this traffic
through? What could be blocking the audio? Any incite into this would be