I saw a note on one of the forums that suggested getting rid of ZCM bundles
that had been imported from ZEN 7, as many of them have errors in them that
will impact the performance of the ZCM 10 system.

Is there anything to this, and will it be sufficient to just update the
imported bundles to make sure they're fully configured for ZCM 10?

Where can I look to see such issues?

We're running 10.3, but are experiencing HORRIBLE issues with the embedded
Sybase database, now running on an external server. It runs at incredibly
high utilization for several minutes, drops back to reasonable CPU
utilization for a minute or so, and then starts the cycle over again.
Endlessly. Makes ZCC a miserable tool to use.

We're running on Win 2003 R2 and Win 2008 R2 servers.