I have a GroupWise system with 30 Post Offices, and 4 domains. All but one post office run on Windows 2003 server standard R2. Lately, we have been having issues with post office services stopping for no reason. This usually happens during the night. We notice that it happens around the time for schedule maintenance. We are running a nightly analyze/fix and a weekly contents check on our post offices. It give no error in the app event log or post office log in verbose mode as to what the issue is with it. Usually we can just restart the service, and it is fine for a couple of days. We have also notice this happening since we did our top down rebuild a month or so back. We notice at times that the size of the wphost.db, which should run around 4-5 mb, grows in size sometimes reaching 70-80 mb. We are also getting this error message as well:

DF2A Ignoring this request because it is a duplicate of one already in progress

I have done a little research on it and from what I have read in other forum posts that it is a known issue, and deleting the wpcsin and out directories and the ngwcheck.db file is a quick fix. I have done this a it helps for a while.

Does anyone have any suggestions we can try to alleviate these issues. It seems random at times with what post offices go offline. We had it down to three that did it all the time, but I came in this morning and I had three brand news ones that are doing it now.