I'm trying to set up a rather strange system in GroupWise 8 which goes against most of the config examples in the documentation.

We have a group of companies. Mostly a bunch of franchisees and a couple of other companies that want to set up a Co-Op hosted GroupWise System of sorts.

Basically I have about 30 companies with say 5-10 users each, all will be pretty light users. Each company has their own internet domain and will have little to no reason to communicate with the other companies. No proxies, shared calendars, etc. At most they will send some email to each other, but that probably won't be that much and we'd be fine if it had to pass through the gwia to get there.

My question is does anyone have any recommendations for where to break each of these groups up? There are a lot of choices?

I could go to the extent of building completely new systems for every one, but that means that every one gets it's own MTA, GWIA, WebAccess, POA etc. That seems like a lot of very lightly used processes and IP's to keep configured.

I could break it at the domain, but again an MTA and POA for every one will be a lot of extra processes (30 MTA's and 30 POA's).

If I put them all in one PO, they don't necessarily want their entire company directory visible to everyone else. So my only choice would be to make everyone visible to 'none' in the GroupWise address book. This would also mean that everyone would have to have a unique userid which means more mapping to get overlapping internet addresses (sales@domain1.com and sales@domain2.com for example).

Just wondering if anyone had any pointers, pros/cons about where to break them up.

Thank you