Craig, I was pulling my hair out (what little I have left) over a new
Toshiba notebook that I set up for a client, loaded all the
apps,everything seemed to work and then handed to the client and
nothing worked on the network (but off the network it was fine). When
they were connected to the network and logged in, iFolder loaded and
then the WS just hung. You couldn't do anything.

If I rem'd out iFolder, then I could log into the desktop but as soon
as I launched IE or Firefox, again, the WS just hung and you got a
permanently busy mouse pointer. I would have to turn the machine off
to get control back.

I noticed a couple times that when I tried to shut down the PC,
Clntrust was not responding and I remembered that there had been some
Clntrust issues that I had read about on your Web site. Well reading
Tip 15 and Tom Hafemann's added note solved it. I had installed
Symantec AV 9.0 as one of the last things and sure enough - the POP
proxy was interfering with Clntrust but only when you launched
something (like IE, Firefox or iFolder) that called it.

So I just wanted yo to know that all those late nights that you stay up
revising the tips on your Web site, thinking that this is a real pain
to maintain -- it is really appreciated. You saved me from rebuilding
the PC completely only to have the same problem occur when I installed
Symantec again.

Thanks again,